Oct 4, 2010

madeit monday

Inspired by the lovely change of seasons lately, today's theme is 'trees.' Today has been such a beautiful, warm day here in Brisbane. The sun is shining, leaves are rustling & the birds are chirping. Combined with a delicious cup of English breakfast tea its pretty much perfect :)

Gorgeous tree pendant necklace by Paper and Ribbons. Krystal recently participated in a handmade gift swap hosted by Calico & Co, and part of her gift she received was this necklace :) Love!Bamboo baby wipes with wet bag by CloudLoveBaby.

Little trees coin purse by Lille Kusine.

Stunning leafy vine pendant necklace by That Vintage.

We hope everyone has a lovely, magical week!

Krystal & Lauren.


  1. All of these items are so great. I love "tree" stuff :)
    I'm so glad you joined the garland swap! xo

  2. I love the idea behind your blog! Super cute layout too!


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