Oct 7, 2010

thank you thursday

'Thank You Thursday' is going to be one of our regular, weekly blog posts from today :) Thank You is more than just two simple words, is a way of showing someone you care about them & appreciate them. This is something that in today's busy, bustling world that we feel needs to be encouraged more :)

Today i (Krystal) would like to thank 'In The Night Garden.' *noises of confusion are heard* What is In The Night Garden you may ask? Its a kids show on ABC that Felix absolutely loooves and this week it has been my sanity-saviour. Its been one of those weeks where i would like to fast forward and get it over and done with. Felix has decided nap times arent cool anymore (maybe its cause he just turned 2? i dont know), and its been a mission getting alot of things done with a cranky toddler at my feet most of the time. In The Night Garden is my guaranteed 15-20mins of 'me' time whilst Felix chills watching it with is juice & pillow.

So thank you In The Night Garden for keeping me sane this week :)


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