Sep 27, 2010

krystals studio

A peak at my oh so cluttered, yet organized, craft room :)

Some of my button, ribbon & fabric collection. My 'inspiration' wall in the corner, featuring random frames of cuteness ive spotted on my op shop journeys.

A close up of my inspiration wall. The deer embroidery down the bottom right says "Love smiles its own joy and gladness"'s one of my favourite 'deer' things i own :)

And here you can see my little workspace. It may look messy, but it isnt too bad. This was taken when i was preparing for a market stall, so its not as neat as usual. Everything has its place, and as long as i know where it is, that's all that matters hehe.

What does your workspace/office/studio/craft room look like? Are you a very organized person, or the total opposite? Id love to hear from you all! :)



  1. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this workspace. Super perfect :)
    Can something be super perfect? haha.

  2. Im sure something can be super perfect hehe :) Im looking at getting a long storage shelf to have at the back of my desk, to kinda make it 'less' cluttered if you know what i mean? :)

    - Krystal xo

  3. i - am - in - love! The bunny poster is so sweet! And the whole place is so colourful and cosy, just amazing!



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