Dec 4, 2010


Happy Saturday everyone! :) It's a very rainy day here in Brisbane..perfect for crafting & drinking hot tea. I just wanted to share some new fabric buttons I made this morning with help from Felix. And by 'help' I mean him saying 'ooh pretty!' & trying to grab everything hehe. I'm working on some new creations for our stall tomorrow. Fingers crossed the rain passes!

These are my favourites, little mushrooms & piggies...

Lovely florals & sweet polka dots...

Buttons = LOVE.

 All of these are going to be turned into sweet little clippies :)

Some hair ties, the babushkas are quite popular...

Thanks for stopping by :) What are you up to today...making something special, Christmas shopping perhaps? Or are you like me & leave it until the last minute :)

Krystal xo


  1. Cute - I love fabric-covered buttons! I especially like those babushka and mushroom ones. :)
    I would have loved to have spent today crafting but it was spent Christmas shopping with super hyped up little people. Ack.

  2. Those buttons are so great, love the little mushroom ones!
    You should plan a road trip down this way. In the last few months I have found 3 amazing vintage maxi dresses at the vinnies in Mullumbimby, it must get heaps of stuff as I always get great finds even though there is 2 vintage stores in town!
    The church op shop on the way in from the highway is good for buttons and trimmings etc and if have any extra time check out the Retropolis Vintage store down the ally-not advertised anywhere but a total gem run by a couple of gay guys with some seriously chic and fun taste in vintage clothes-one of the best vintage stores I have ever been to(other than my spare room!). Happy hunting!

  3. Oh those birdies are so ca-ute! Stalking made-it lol


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