Jul 29, 2010


How cute are they!!

I came across them whilst reading my morning blogs. These were featured on the oh so lovely Li'l Magoolie's blog. You can find the tutorial on how to make them by clicking here.

And just cause i can...a couple more toadstool pics that i love..

[Both images via weheartit]

Toadstool hairclip made by Lauren! Listed on madeit.com.au. I'm surprised this little sweetie hasn't been snapped up already!

I'm a little bit excited today. The fam & i are off to BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets tonight! I've been to a few BrisStyle markets previously, but never the Twilight one :) Looking forward to it!

Hope everyone has a lovely friday night! :)



  1. I saw these on there too - so cute! Love to have a go at making them :-)

  2. PS joined the Calico and Co Birthday swap just before too :-) nd have fun at the markets - markets alone are fun but a twilight one? WOW sounds fantastic!!! Let us know how it goes :-)


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