Jul 29, 2010

baking bread

The other day, Lily and I made some really easy bread rolls. We had lots of fun mixing and kneading and shaping the dough. Lily loved eating the 'playdoh'. We made a toadstool, snail, hedgehog, turtle and a random Lily-shape.

We got the recipe from a book I found in storage at my parents house - My First Cook Book by Angela Wilkes. My brother and I loved cooking from this book when we were little!

To make the bread rolls, we simply mixed 3g (about a teaspoon) of dried yeast, a large pinch of salt and 350g of plain flour in a bowl. We then stirred in 1 dessertspoon of oil and 210ml of warm water, mixed until it all came together and kneaded it for about 5 minutes.

We spent about 20 minutes making our shapes (read: I made shapes, Lily ate the dough and poked her piece with a fork).

We then left them to rise under a clean tea towel. The recipe said to wait until they were double their size, but we couldn't wait that long! We baked them for about 20 mins in a 200degree oven.

Yeah... the toadstool is a little... interesting. Ha.

This isn't my usual method of baking bread, but it was a good quick fix, and so much fun to do together.... and isn't that the most important thing?


  1. I bet they smelt just divine as well. what a lovely post , hope they tasted just as good.

  2. thank you! they were very dense because we didn't leave them to rise long enough, so tasted a bit more like scones, but that's not a bad thing!


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