Dec 12, 2010

sunday session

We're joining in with Thea over at 'Do I really Wanna Blog?' again this Sunday :)

Last week we shared with you a classic track by the one & only Michael Jackson, & a lovely new tune by Adele. This weeks picks by Krystal are...

This one isn't that much of an oldie. 'Sweetest Thing' by U2. Shane went to see them live last week & said they were amazing!

And the newbie pick for today is Kanye West's latest - Runaway. I'm addicted to this song. Ive also been listening to a few covers of it on Youtube & love them :)

Happy Sunday everyone! :)

Krystal xo


  1. Great choices. I must say I run hot and cold on Kanye though. How great would U2 have been live? Am kicking myself for passing up 2 tickets to see them now.

  2. Love U2....wish I could have seen them!
    And I'm loving all those ballerinas. :)


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