Dec 11, 2010

christmas tree garland tutorial

Whilst I was making this earlier this evening, I was snapping pics and thought...hey! why don't I post a tutorial on our blog? Awesome idea Krystal! Then I thought, hmm maybe it's too easy to even bother posting a tutorial? I'm unsure as to what 'level' of difficulty something needs to be for it to be ok to make a tutorial for?
 Either way, I've decided to post. Let me know what you think in the comments :)

Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial.

You will need: felt in colours of your choice, hot glue gun, twine, scissors, some music to listen to whilst making it or an awesome TV show.

1. Choose which coloured felt you would like for your garland. I went for deep red, purple & white...Christmas-y, but not too much.

2. Once you have decided which colours you're going to use, cut as many circles as you like out of them (the more circles, the longer your garland). My circles were approx 5cms wide. They don't have to be perfect, I actually think it looks cute if they don't match and are slightly wonky :)

 If you're anything like me, you'll love looking at the pile of colourful scraps. I'm a weird one.

 3. Turn your glue gun on and make yourself a cup of tea whilst it heats up.
4. Workout which order you want your felt circles in (in my case it was purple, red, white, purple, red etc). Have your twine resting on your work space & line one circle at a time with a little hot glue. Carefully glue twine to circle. Continue over and over until your garland is a length youre happy with.

 You'll eventually end up with a lovely pile like this....

5. Leave an adequate amount of twine on the ends to tie it up with. And ta-dah! You're finished!

 (placing on head optional)

 I was planning on make a much longer one, but silly me didn't have enough white felt.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial & it was understandable :) If you make one, let me know...I'd love to see! :)
Happy weekend lovelies.

Krystal xo


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