Dec 31, 2010

nye 2010

 So another year has come to an end, and what a year it's been!! We hope everyone has had an amazing year & enjoy their night tonight! We'll be partying in style at Lauren's house with yummy food & cocktails (mocktails for Lauren of course :) ...she's 22 weeks preg already, gosh it's gone fast!).
Some of the 'highlights' this year for the both of us have been:

* celebrating our one year anniversary of Felix & Lily
* we had our first market stall!
* having our first ever family combined holiday together to Coolum
* Lily & Felix had their 2nd birthdays!
* Lauren & fam moved house
* Krystal saw Lady Gaga in concert (she is a mega fan)

Happy New Years Eve lovelies, may the new year bring you all love, laughter & lots of fun times xo

Lauren & Krystal.

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