Dec 8, 2010

all flooded out

Last Saturday we braved the wet weather & headed out to Chandler Markets to set up our stall. We awoke bright & early (4:30am to be exact), sleepily got ready & headed out. The weather was looking lovely, after over a week of rain it seemed to be blue skies - yay we thought! About half an hour after setting up, the rain returned...heavily. We had to yell to have a conversation. After much contemplation, we decided to pack up early. Even though the day ended early, we still had a fun time like we usually do when we attend the markets :) Thanks to the peeps who popped by to say hello & pick up some Felix & Lily goodies :)

Here's a few photos from the day, excuse the lighting, rainy weather doesn't make for the best quality...

Yummy market food is the best, especially on a rainy day!
We hope to be back at the markets again soon, fingers crossed its a perfect day :)

Krystal & Lauren.

PS: if there's anything you spot in the photos you would like, send us an email/leave us a comment & we shall get back to you asap.


  1. Ooh I love those lacy rings! Will they be making their way to the store anytime soon? ;)

  2. We were thinking about it, so most likely yes :) I'll link you up on Twitter when we do xo

  3. Fantastic! I love the lace and also that cute!


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