Nov 23, 2010

flea market finds!

The fam & I went up to Hervey Bay for the weekend. And so it seems Hervey Bay peeps donate amazing stuff & sell even more amazing things at garage sales. What a weekend of awesome, awesome treasure finding! Ive never found so many awesome goodies in one morning inner treasure addict was going crazy-happy! Enough chatter...have a squiz at what i picked up!

 Our cat, Lilu, was obviously feeling a tad neglected :)

 Little owl & deer ornaments (50 cents each!). I especially love the judge owl. I already have a couple of this style of owl ornament which you can view by clicking here. If you look closely at the 3rd pic, they are sitting on my mini coloured set of drawers :)

 Unsure whether these little guys are ceramic or clay, either way they're cute :) Picked them up for $6 for all of them, including the shelf.

 Sweet little picture for my inspiration wall.

 Little donkey ornaments, aren't they the sweetest!

 I almost fell over when I saw this deer planter, then I almost fell over again when i saw the price - $1.00!!

 My partner, Shane, spotted this one for $5! I totally walked past it. I love Shane :)

 Weird but cute looking cat ornament, the eyes/whiskers etc of which washed off when I cleaned it after I took these pics :( Can you tell I love cute/kitsch ornaments? Also a vintage kiddies Fisher Price radio, working condition.

 Back of the radio.
Edited to add: Everything in total cost no more than $25 :)

And just for good measure, another pic of Miss Lilu napping whilst i was taking photos. She melts my heart with her cuteness.

Thanks for stopping by & viewing the treasures i found. Pop by Her Library Adventures & Apron Thrift Girl for more Flea Market Finds!

Krystal xo


  1. oh drool what gorgeous kitschy finds..i sssooo love the bambi planter and that cutsie kitty :))

  2. SQUEE!! And omg, I'm SURE I had one of those radios! Memories... :)

  3. Unbelievable finds, how lucky are you.

  4. Just love the owl shelf - woo hoo! Or hoot hoo! And the Fisher Price radio, and the polaroid camera - does it work? Excellent finds!

  5. Unsure if the polaroid camera works yet, have to find film for it :) Its my first ever polaroid, exciting!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by, we love reading your comments :)

  6. What great finds. A whole shelf of owls, and the little deer planter, and the FP radio, and everything else. I just found a FP radio that plays Over The Rainbow, but I would LOVE to have It's a Small World. Polaroid film is available on ebay. Hope the camera works.

  7. shelf of owls - gorgeous!! in fact all of your finds are just gorgeous, well done =)

  8. What gorgeous finds! I especiall love those sweet prints...and the wee donkeys. Hope the rest of your week is grand :)

  9. woah im so jealous! there are no awesome shops where i can find awesome stuff like what you scored! so cool! i love the owls and deer figurines... and well everything really! :)

  10. Oh my! I am IN LOVE with the owls on their little shelves! And I love the other owl, deer and cat ornaments. And of course Miss Lilu!


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