Nov 14, 2010

flea market finds!

After many, many months of reading Sophie's blog 'Her Library Adventures', we're finally taking the plunge and joining in on her 'Flea Market Finds' :)
Op shopping/flea marketing is one of our absolute favourite things to do. Not only does it inspire & motivate us to make new creations, but we get to find amazing goodies...some days more so than others.
Today I (Krystal) would like to share with you all some treasures I've discovered the past couple of weeks...

Uber sweet vintage buttons. They were all in a jar & had no price, I asked the shop lady & she said $3!! I was stoked! I cant wait to use these in some upcoming projects. Pretty plate they are on i found months ago, cant remember where though.

Excuse the lack of ironing, but i was taking photos on limited time whilst Felix was eating his lunch. This is a scarf i picked up at my local Salvos for 50cents. I'm planning on either framing it, or popping it on a canvas. The words are so, so cute!

Left pic: Some lovely coloured necklaces, pretty doiley, and a cute ceramic elephant money box. I seem to be collecting ceramic ornaments similar to this little one lately.
Right pic: Mustard yellow vase & a blue scalloped ceramic container. This is my most favourite find of the year so far i believe. I'm still unsure as to what I'm going to use it for though...jewellery, cookies, buttons?

Pop by Sophie's for more lovely Flea Market Finds :)

Krystal xo


  1. I love those ceramics. Great finds!

  2. my eyes literally popped out at the site of those beautiful buttons! and that blue container is so pretty. Thanks for popping in to my nest xx

  3. your excitement is exhilarating! buttons like jewels... great!

  4. Hello!
    Thanks for stopping by, if you find anything great there you gotta blog about it! Gorgeous finds, the elephant rocks, love your style.

  5. Love the scalloped jar, so pretty and retro. Great finds. x

  6. What great finds! The elephant is sweet and the buttons and scarf would have stolen my heart, for sure.

  7. What wonderful buttons! I have a real weakness for them and as a result have a huge bin full now :) The pink elephant is adorable. Great finds!

  8. great finds, i love the flea market! i am sure you are going to make something super cute with those buttons!!


  9. Cute!! LOve the colours of the buttons

  10. oooh, I want those buttons!! they are so cute... great find!


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