Nov 28, 2010

flea market finds!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Today we're (once again) joining in on Sophie's Flea Market Finds. There are tons of lovely treasures to be seen via her Blog by clicking here. We love reading through them all & am sure you will too :)

I (Krystal) didn't have too much luck op shopping this week, have been busy busy preparing for our market stall that we had today. What I did manage to find during my quick op shop visit was...

 Two handmade wooden (what I think) are cutlery draw organizers. I'm going to do something cute to them & hang them to display my cute, little ornaments.

Pretty vase. Flower-leaf-thingies picked on my way home.

Close-up of the sweet flowers on the vase.
Pretty fabric :)

What op shop treasures have you found recently? Feel free to share in the comments, or link up over at Her Library Adventures or Apron Thrift Girl.

Krystal xo


  1. Oh the fabric is pretty, as is the vase. I've been on the hunt for some more drawer organizers. Think your luck will rub off?

  2. I hope my luck rubs off for you :) I scored those two for $2/each :) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Love the vase, used to have a little necklace covered in little porcelain roses just like them! so cute and a great bargain :)


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