Sep 8, 2010

what is wrong with me?

Lately, I've had the insane urge to garden...that's! *insert shock face* I've never been a gardening type at all, in fact I'm more likely to kill plants than nurture them. Ive even been looking in the gardening section at shops before the craft section!!

My oh so lovely partner Shane took me to Bunnings Warehouse the other night for me feed my gardening urge :) I bought a couple of little tools, some gloves (my poor nails hate me from all the weeding I've been doing), and quite a few seedlings & seed packets. The next day i set to work in the garden planting them all :) I'm yet to plant the fruit & veg as the raised garden bed is being made on the weekend for them. I'm very muchly looking forward to seeing our garden grow, and even more so, looking forward to cooking with veggies fresh from our garden :)

I'm yet to take photos of what I've planted so far, will do so once the veggies are all planted. For now, here's a couple of piccies of the flowers we will (hopefully) soon have blooming!
Marigolds, so bright & vibrant..

Red Salvia..

And my favourites from what i bought, Cyclamen..they remind of a 'softer' version of Tulips, which just happen to be my fav flower ;)

[all images via google image]

Now all i need to do is remember to water them so they don't die :)

Does anyone else enjoy gardening? What are your favourite flowers?


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  1. I went through that faze when we moved, unfortunately the soil here is horrible, so all of my flowers are wilted and yuck (Sunflowers) and my herbs (that are in a separate pot with different potting mix) just look like little weeds :(


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