Jul 28, 2010

retail therapy

Ive come to the conclusion that op shopping fixes everything. Ok, maybe not everything, but it sure does help me take my mind of my yucky sickness. Ive had a sore throat & icky nose for a few days now..not long i know, but still isn't fun. So yes, op shopping = win. I scored some AMAZING things. Can't wait to share photos once i take some tomorrow! I also discovered a new little secret shop that has a lovely stash of vintage buttons, def one of my new fav shops.

You may be wondering...how did all this op shopping take place without Felix having a 'shopping is boring mum' tantrum. He had his 3rd day of child care today. Every wednesday Mr.Felix puts on his little elmo backpack, gets his little shoes & socks on and goes off to child care. It's so cute. Everything he takes has to have his name on it...it kind of feels weird writing on a banana lol.

Ever since he started going he has loved it :) I was worried he would miss me too much...obviously not! :p I do love all the kisses i get from him when i pick him up though, even the slobbery ones. He's yet to bring home a painting, i can't wait!

I shall end my post today with a funny lil pic i took of mr.felix on the weekend...he can be quite the character :)


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