Jun 30, 2010

weekend bits & pieces

I thought I'd share a few bits and pieces about my weekend whilst i remember. My memory has been so bad lately...mum brain anyone? I realise its almost Thursday and I'm only just posting about my weekend, better late than never :) Plus I'm still getting into this whole blogging thing. I'm sure soon enough ill be addicted and posting daily, if not more!

On Saturday we had another market stall, oh how we love the markets. Here's a few piccies of our creations on display:

Twas a lovely day. The new cream pink & white flower cabochon rings were a favourite!

Sunday was a day of relaxing & catching up on bits & pieces around the house. We had burritos for dinner...yummo! I, being a pescatarian had the meat-free version :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


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