May 19, 2010

hello there...
we are lauren and krystal.
the crafty mamas behind 'felix & lily'.

a little about us:

we are two stay at home mums, best friends and new business partners.
felix and lily are our wonderful children, who are just 10 hours apart in age, and currently 19 months old.
felix is krystal's sweet little dude and lily is lauren's gorgeous girl.

in november 2009 we started turning naptime into craft time and that's where 'felix & lily' was born.
we handmake hair accesories: bows, clips, headbands, hairpieces and more. we also dabble in jewellery and custom shirts.
we are currently obsessed with buttons, fabric and felt, pretty ribbons, op shopping, woodland creatures, drinking tea and eating copious amounts of cupcakes.

this blog is another creative outlet for us, a place for us to post the goings on of our day to day lives, inspiration and more in our adventure.

welcome to felix & lily <3


  1. Welcome to blogland girls! Look forward to chatting with you and seeing more of your beautiful creations.

  2. Felix is my son's name and Lily was a name I really really wanted for my daughter, but when my last name would make her sound like a sanitary disposal receptacle, I chose Ella instead.

    Welcome to bloggity fun!

  3. Thanks ladies :) We look forward to posting lots of (hopefully) interesting blogs.
    Lol Panda at what could have been your daughters name!

  4. So cute! Do you two have an etsy shop yet?

  5. no, not yet, we do have a store though!


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